Web Designs

Digital generated devices over a wooden table with blog responsive concept. All screen graphics are made up.

From brand strategy to printed marketing material to web design, we have completed dozens of projects across several different of industries including nonprofit organizations, universities, and small businesses.

Shop Divine Jewels

I’m so excited that I have been blessed with this wonderful opportunity to present you with the some amazing jewelry pieces to enhance your current fashion attire.  When I was introduced to this jewelry line I absolutely loved what I saw. I was amazed with the uniqueness and beauty of each accessory piece AND to have an expensive look at a very affordable price made me decide to go ALL IN!

Ahmad Campbell Foundation, Inc

The Ahmad Campbell Foundation is a North Carolina-based, privately funded organization focused on bringing awareness to gun violence in the US. Our mission is to provide financial support to students in financial need and to promote educational opportunities in our community through our scholarship program. With ongoing efforts for positive change, financial transparency, community development and advocacy, the Ahmad Campbell Foundation’s mission is to promote peace throughout the nation.

Sunflowers by Sonia

Sonia H. Leach was born in Raleigh, North Carolina.  She was raised surrounded by a very loving and warm-hearted family, whose morals and values are grounded by faith.  Though Sonia’s career path has afforded her over 25 years in the field of dentistry, she has always had a passion for writing poems.  Sonia currently serves as the Clinical Manager for a local Pediatric Dental office. In 2019, she began her journey to step out of her comfort zone and share with the world her God-given talent. 

Global Consulting Services

GCS is an independent global business consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations focus on process improvement, achieving their goals, and managing change.  We bring a wonderful sense of motivation and guidance to diverse organizations aiding them and driving them to revolutionize their existing model. We aim to help our clients realize their potential, leading to an evident successful, and sustainable organization.